The dashboard is the application's initial screen. On the right is a cartouche containing the information required to create photomontages, and on the left is a menu of clickable buttons for modifying or adding to this information as required. An additional menu appears above the dashboard.

The menu on the left-hand side of the screen can be used to expand the wind farm. You can:
- Modify the composition of the park, i.e. the number, total height and nacelle height of the wind turbines.
- Place or move the wind turbines in the park, i.e. either access a map where they can be placed with a single click, or move them by dragging them from one location to another, or enter the coordinates of the wind turbines in a specific screen
- Create or modify a waypoint
- Save this park for later use
- Use another park allows you to Create a new park, Reload a previously saved park, Import another park or Add a previously saved park.

The cartouche on the right summarizes the information gathered in real time, and indicates whether any is missing or whether it is sufficient to preview the park in the camera's viewfinder.